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Who are we?

We are an Online English language academy, we teach live real-time lessons to students from all over the world. All of our materials are developed by our teachers and we offer a variety of times and dates for your classes.

When you take our online classes, you will be taught by a British teacher from our college in King's Cross, London. With Malvern Online Academy, we want to bring the experience of learning English to the online world. Whatever country or city you live in, you can now join us from your computer and study at a time or place that is convenient for you.


Photographs taken from our college in King's Cross, London.

Our teachers will not only teach you English, but you will also learn about culture, share your hobbies, and have lively discussions about all types of topics. 

Every lesson we teach has a language aim, but you, the student, can also suggest ideas and topics to study - the teachers will always try to meet the needs of their students as much as possible!