Intermediate English Course

Intermediate Course - 09:00

09:00 to 10:00 (UK time) Monday to Friday

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About this course

Course aims:

This intermediate course is for people who have already studied some English and can have conversations and know a bit about English grammar. It is also useful for people who want to improve pronunciation and accuracy when communicating in English.

This course will help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening skills so that you can have conversations and progress to the advanced level of English.

Online lessons:

You have an hour of online lessons with a teacher every day at 09:00 (UK time) 

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You can book your lesson every day by pressing the book live lesson option in your course, it is always the first option.

Course content:

  • One hour of online lessons every day to practice speaking and listening.
  • 12 units of elementary lesson - each unit contains 20 - 30 pages of learning material.
  • New vocabulary and grammar practice.
  • Video lessons, with new lessons being added regularly.
  • Tests for every unit, and regular progress tests.
  • Writing assignments to practice your written skills with feedback from the teacher.

Course content

Course Outline

Course Syllabus

Book Live Lesson (INT 09:00)

Part 1: Units 1 to 4

Unit 1: Towns & Cities

Video 1 - Present perfect

Test: Unit 1

Unit 2: Feelings & Personality

Video 2 - Present Simple & Present Continuous

Test: Unit 2

Unit 3: Health

Video 3 - Past simple and continuous

Test: Unit 3

Unit 4: Education

Video 4 - Passive

Test: Unit 4

Progress test 1

Part 2: Units 5 to 8

Unit 5: Food and Cooking

Video 5 - Taste

Test: Unit 5

Unit 6: Jobs & Work

Video 6 - Future continuous and perfect

Test: Unit 6

Unit 7: The World

Video 7 - Articles

Test: Unit 7

Unit 8: Art

Video 8 - Modals

Test: Unit 8

Progress test 2

Part 3: Units 9 to 12

Unit 9: Society and Politics

Video 9 - Gerunds & infinitives

Test: Unit 9

Unit 10: Tourism

Video 10 - Comparatives & Superlatives

Test: Unit 10

Unit 11: Shopping

Video 11 - Reported Speech

Test: Unit 11

Unit 12: Home

Video 12 - Conditionals

Test: Unit 12

Progress test 3

Meet the experts

Malvern House Teacher

A teacher from our school in London.


Originally from ‘the city of dreaming spires’ – Oxford – I have spent most of my life living in London. My career began when I realised how much I adore languages, which was when I was studying Japanese at school. I have been teaching English for about ten years now, and will continue to do so!


I have experience with all levels from absolute beginner to advanced, but my strongest point is teaching exam classes like IELTS. I’ve helped lots of students achieve their dreams of studying in university or simply to improve their English fast so that they could embark on their life adventures!

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