General English - Intermediate

Intermediate: 16:00 - 17:00 (UK time)

Course includes: Five interactive classes per week with a teacher and practice activities.

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About this course

This course includes:

  • One hour of lessons with a teacher every day from Monday to Friday.
  • Speaking and listening practice.
  • Grammar and vocabulary practice.
  • Downloadable study materials and exercises.
  • Personalised advice from your teacher.


You will receive one hour of English classes with a teacher every weekday from Monday to Friday.




















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Course content

Online Classes

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Topic One: Your Home / Present Tenses

Lesson 1: Our town / city

Lesson 2: Changes

Lesson 3: Experiences & Present Tense Review

Lesson 4: Sightseeing

Lesson 5: Parts of English

Topic Two: Feelings & Personality / Past Tenses

Lesson 1: Introductions & Question Forms

Lesson 2: Talking My Language

Lesson 3: Feelings

Lesson 4: Hugs and Kisses

Lesson 5: It's so good to see you!

Topic Three: Health / Past Tenses

Lesson 1: Past Simple VS Past Continuous

Lesson 2: Sleep Quiz

Lesson 3: I used to...

Lesson 4: Symptoms and Ailments

Lesson 5: Past perfect review

Topic Four: Education / Passive Voice

Lesson 1: School

Lesson 2: Skills and Work

Lesson 3: Passive Voice

Lesson 4: Passive Voice 2

Lesson 5: The Education System

Topic Five: Food & Cooking / Giving Instructions

Lesson 1: Food Culture

Lesson 2: Preparing Food

Lesson 2: Video - Preparing Food

Lesson 3: Food Vocabulary

Lesson 4: Food Verbs

Lesson 5: British Food Quiz!

Topic Six: Jobs & Work / Future Tenses

Lesson 1: The World of Work

Lesson 2: Describe Your Job

Lesson 3: Terrible Jobs

Lesson 4: Future Tenses I

Lesson 5: Future Tenses II

Topic seven: The World / Articles (a/an/the)

Lesson One: Geography

Lesson Two: Articles

Lesson Three: Geography Quiz

Lesson 4: Transport

Lesson 5: A New Life

Topic Eight: Art / Modal Verbs

Lesson 1: The Arts

Lesson 2: Describing Paintings

Lesson 3: A Gallery Tour

Lesson 4: Future Speculation

Lesson 5: Present Speculation

Topic Nine: Society & Politics

Lesson 1 - Society and Economics

Lesson 2 - The government and debating

Lesson 3 - Social Issues

Topic Ten: Holidays / Past Perfect Simple & Continuous

Lesson 1 - A place to stay

Lesson 2 - Describing tourism

Meet the expert


Originally from ‘the city of dreaming spires’ – Oxford – I have spent most of my life living in London. My career began when I realised how much I adore languages, which was when I was studying Japanese at school. From there I went on to study language teaching and travelled to Asia. I am an enormous fan of contemporary oriental culture and in particular Japanese anime and video games, I also taught in China for a time and speak Chinese as a second language. I have been at Malvern House for many years now, I teach both in the college in London and in the online classes.

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