General English - Advanced

Advanced course - 13:00

Monday to Friday, 13:00 - 14:00 (UK time)

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About this course

Course aims:

Welcome to the advanced level course – this course is for people who have a lot of experience learning English and would like to improve to a more proficient level.

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Course content

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Course Syllabus

Unit One: Work // Linking Words

Lesson 1: Describing jobs

Lesson 2: Linking phrases

Lesson 3: Duties

Lesson 4: How is work changing?

Lesson 5: Work psychology

Lesson 6: Writing Practice

Unit Two: Family and Personality // Uses of have

Lesson 1: Family idioms

Lesson 2: Types of family

Lesson 3: Who do you take after?

Lesson 4: Uses of 'have'

Lesson 5: Personality

Lesson 6: Writing Practice

Unit Three: Money and Finance // Unreal past

Lesson 1: Attitudes to money

Lesson 2: Economics

Lesson 3: Banking

Lesson 4: Buying and selling

Lesson 5: Conditionals

Unit Four: Opinions and arguments // Describing reasons

Lesson 1: Pollution and the environment

Lesson 2: Cause and effect

Lesson 3: Moving around

Lesson 4: Advantages and disadvantages

Lesson 5: Human rights

Unit Five: History // Advanced adverbs

Lesson 1: Personal Histories

Lesson 2: People who made history

Lesson 3 - War, what is it good for?

Lesson 4 - The history of England

Lesson 5: Confusing Adverbs

Unit Six: Health and Medicine // Gerunds and infinitives

Lesson 1: Medical problems

Lesson 2: Gerunds and infinitives part one

Lesson 3: Gerunds and infinitives part two

Lesson 4: Lifestyles

Lesson 5: Breakthroughs in medicine

Topic Seven: Travel and Tourism // Future plans

Lesson 1: The Ideal Holiday

Lesson 2: Future Plans

Lesson 3: Future Intentions

Lesson 4: Reviews

Lesson 5: Planning

Unit Eight: The Natural World // Ellipsis and substitution

Lesson 1: Nature

Lesson 2: Natural Wonders

Lesson 3: Endangered species

Lesson 4: Natural Disasters

Lesson 5: Describing the countryside

Unit Nine: Food // Possessive forms

Lesson 1: Preparing Dishes

Lesson 2: Advanced Possessive Forms

Lesson 3: Reading Practice

Lesson 4: Food Idioms

Lesson 5: Restaurant Critics

Unit Ten: Media // Narratives

Lesson 1: The Media

Lesson 2: Social Media

Lesson 3: Fake News

Lesson 4: Narratives

Lesson 5: Narrative Tenses

Unit Eleven: Fashion // Comparisons

Lesson 1: Clothing styles

Lesson 2: National dress

Lesson 3: Modifiers

Lesson 4: Fashion through the ages

Lesson 5: Uniforms

Unit Twelve: Politics and Law // Participle Clauses

Lesson 1: Giving opinions

Lesson 2: Protests

Lesson 3: Participle clauses

Lesson 4: Human Rights

Lesson 5: Crime and punishment

Meet the experts

Malvern House Administrator


Originally from ‘the city of dreaming spires’ – Oxford – I have spent most of my life living in London. My career began when I realised how much I adore languages, which was when I was studying Japanese at school. I have been teaching English for about ten years now, and will continue to do so!


I have experience with all levels from absolute beginner to advanced, but my strongest point is teaching exam classes like IELTS. I’ve helped lots of students achieve their dreams of studying in university or simply to improve their English fast so that they could embark on their life adventures!

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