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Course aims:

Welcome to the elementary level course – this course is for people who are new to learning English, or for people who want to practice the basics of English.

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Course content

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Course Syllabus

Unit One: The World

Lesson 1: Countries

Lesson 2: Nationalities

Lesson 3: Describing Places

Lesson 4: There is // there are

Lesson 5: Possessive (I/my, we/our)

Unit Two: Friend & Family // Present Simple

Lesson 1: Family

Lesson 2: Present Simple

Lesson 3: Adverbs

Lesson 4: Activities at home

Lesson 5: Can // ability

Unit Three: Shopping // a, an, some, this, that, these, those

Lesson 1: Clothes vocabulary

Lesson 2: These & Those

Lesson 3: In the shop

Lesson 4: too & enough

Lesson 5: Present continuous

Topic Four: Having Fun // Like + verb + ing // Prepositions

Lesson 1: Free Time

Lesson 2: Like & Would like to

Lesson 3: Prepositions of time

Lesson 4: Making arrangements

Lesson 5: Present continuous

Topic Five: Education // Articles // Past Simple

Lesson 1: Around the school

Lesson 2: Objects and Possessives

Lesson 3: Articles

Lesson 4: Plurals

Lesson 5: Adjectives at school

Topic Six: Art & Photography // Prepositions of place

Lesson 1: Prepositions of Place

Lesson 2: There is & There are

Lesson 3: Present Continuous

Lesson 4: Discussing Art

Lesson 5: Let's go to an exhibition

Topic Seven: Work // Comparative adjectives

Lesson 1: Jobs

Lesson 2: Comparative Adjectives

Lesson 3: Gerunds and infinitives

Lesson 4: Numbers and websites

Lesson 5: Formal writing

Unit Eight: Interesting People // Past simple

Lesson 1: Time and date

Lesson 2: Past simple

Lesson 3: Major life events

Lesson 4: Giving opinions

Lesson 5: Important people

Topic Nine: Health // Giving advice, should, shouldn't

Lesson 1: The body

Lesson 2: Symptoms

Lesson 3: Health advice

Lesson 4: Problems

Topic Ten: Holiday Plans // Going to, future

Lesson 1: Holidays

Lesson 2: The Weather

Lesson 3: Would like to

Lesson 4: Going to

Lesson 5: Past simple

Topic Eleven: Feelings // Linking phrases, past simple

Lesson 1: Feelings

Lesson 2: Giving Reasons

Lesson 3: Past simple & linkers

Lesson 4: Free time

Lesson 5: New stories

Topic Twelve: Experiences // Present Perfect

Lesson 1: Experiences

Lesson 2: Present perfect

Lesson 3: Present perfect review

Lesson 4: Superlatives

Lesson 5: Famous people

Meet the experts

Malvern House Administrator


Originally from ‘the city of dreaming spires’ – Oxford – I have spent most of my life living in London. My career began when I realised how much I adore languages, which was when I was studying Japanese at school. I have been teaching English for about ten years now, and will continue to do so!


I have experience with all levels from absolute beginner to advanced, but my strongest point is teaching exam classes like IELTS. I’ve helped lots of students achieve their dreams of studying in university or simply to improve their English fast so that they could embark on their life adventures!

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